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Manohar Aich: The Man Who Allowed His Muscles Do the Talking

He is 101 years of age, and still has enough muscle in him to keep going. Meet Manohar Aich the first Indian to win the Mr Universe title. Providence had not decided to make Manohar a Mr Universe. Standing at 4 feet 11 inches, Manohar did not have the height we would generally associate with […]

Teachers Day (5 September) : A Teacher Who Gave Seven Nobel Laureates to the World

Between 1884 and 1919 an earnest looking professor along with a bunch of talented research students in a rather underfunded Cavendish laboratory in Cambridge split the atom and started a new branch of science known as Particle Physics. The Professor was JJ Thomson, the discoverer or electron for which he got the Nobel Prize in […]

Counting Stripes: Keeping a Count of Tigers in the Wild (29th July, International Tiger Day)

Till 1973, the lion was the national animal of India. In April 1973, Project Tiger was started to step up tiger conservation efforts and the tiger was declared as the national animal. At that time, the number of tigers in the wild stood at 1,827. There was then a rise in the numbers and in […]

World Population Day (July 11): Will The Earth Have Enough to Feed its Future Population?

Observed on July 11 every year, World Population Day looks to raise awareness on global population issues. This day, established by the United Nations in 1989, was born out of people’s interest in the 5 Billion Day on July 11, 1987 when the world’s population reached 5 billion. The world population crossed 7 billion in […]

World Environment Day (5 June): How a Kolkata Taxi Driver Takes Environmental Awareness to the Grass Roots

You do not have to be member of the Green Peace, or be part of the people’s march for the environment on streets of New York or for that matter be an expert or key note speaker at global environment summits. There are many less high profile but in its own way equally effective means […]

World Missing Children Day (May 25): Milk Cartons to Twitter – Technology Aids in Tracing Missing Children

May 25 gets the designation of the World Missing Children Day as a remembrance to Etan Kalil Patz, then aged six, who went missing in New York city on May 25 1979. A massive hunt to trace the missing child was made. Etan’s photograph was printed on milk cartons, with the hope that consumers would […]

International Family Day (15 May): Sampurnaa Ranking of Top 10 Indian Families

Families revel if they have at least one famous family member. He/she is quoted in every family conversation and the family derives self esteem from having such an individual in its family tree. However some families strike genetic lottery and are full of individuals destined to fame and fortune. On the occasion of the International […]

International Nurses Day (12 May) : Compassion Doesnot Need a Medical Prescription

Aruna means dawn, but Aruna Shanbaug has not seen the rising sun for last 42 years. A bed at KEM hospital has been her home the address of which she does not know. The nurses and doctors of KEM hospital have been her family, none of whom does Aruna recognise. And legal battles have been […]

Happy Mother’s Day: Things Every Mother Tells Her Children

Every mother  may that be in India, Europe, Africa or Greenland tells the same things to her children, here is a list. And this list has not changed in a long time Am I talking to a brick wall? Are you deaf or something? As long as you live under my roof, you’ll do as […]