Gifting Ideas for Republic Day

It is seldom we consider Republic day as an occasion for gifting . Republic day is the birth anniversay of the Republic of India, a gift from the constitution makers to all present and future generations of India. A gift that guarantees of Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, without which there would be no India and no Indians as we know of today. And this is a cause for remembrance of those who fought for the country and a celebration that we are free to decide national destiny to which our own personal destiny is so closely aligned. And to celebrate this ocassion here are some gifting ideas from SAMPURNAA

Gift the National Flag: Gift the tri colour to yourself and to your friends , relatives, office colleagues , children and meighbours. May every house fly the tri colour high with pride and self esteem. A display that we all believe in the idea of India and what the nation and we as a collective stand for. The Flag Code 2002  allows for  unrestricted display of the National Flag by members of the general public .Badge_blog

Badges Which Spell Patriotism : Get customised badges to be pinned to your shirt, saree, collar, sleeve etc, which speaks about your love to India. It can have catchy liners like “MADE FOR INDIA” or ‘MAD FOR INDIA” or “I LOVE INDIA” or “100% INDIAN“, or “TEAM INDIA” or anything you wish to declare – be creativity be catchy and be genuine. Wear on your sleeve what you think about your country.

Vande Mataram or Sare Jahan Se Aacha T Shirts : Take lines from our best patriotic songs and get it printed on a t shirt with attendant artworkindia_tshirt_blog and wear it with pride. Or put some catchy slogan or lines – ” Jancha, Parkha, Khara- INDIA”. You may also make a statement about Indian achievements as world beaters. A t shirt with the Indian Mars rover and a slogan “India Abroad” or “Today on Mars , Tomorrow on Pluto” will hit in the point that India can take on the world.

Framed Picture of Independence Leaders: It can be a frame photo of Netaji or the Mahatma or Babasaheb and so many other stalwarts who gave their today for nation’s tommorrow. Let their memory not get dimmed. You may also consider keeping pictures or collectibles of Indian war heroes, the param veer chakra winners. This is appropriate for gifting to the younger generation and a reminder that we have great role models to follow.

There can be many many more ways to declare ones love for India, and it is a right and a duty of every Indian to thank India on her birthday.